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The forum staff need to be kind


The forum staff are rude and have no humour. They need to engage friendly with users and not act like they own the forums.


Have I not seen once a forum moderator acting kindly.

@DabbingUnikern Ran out of my replies. So replying to you here. And that’s not really acting friendly. That’s one of their protocols to act friendly when dealing with reports. I mean in general discussions.


Oh really? Let me get a few screenshots.

Edit :

I can get more if you’d like.



That’s false.


Some don’t have any humor but they are all pretty nice.




Proof? Every time a forum moderator is rude, they always delete their posts ASAP. Something they can take advantage of.



Thanks for giving us feedback, though can you elaborate on what you mean by “acting like we own the forums”? Also to address the humour issue: we are first and foremost moderators, and our top priority is dealing with problematic topics/Support topics, which means participating in more fun topics gets a bit pushed to the side. We also need to maintain professionalism while we moderate, which means that we can’t go joking around at every turn. If you guys could provide some specific instances that you’ve found our behavior to be rude I’m sure we’d all be more than happy to remedy the situation.


Well, I guess you can say.
The forum staff are, monotonous.


Monotonous, as in we all sound roughly the same or like bots?


We all are, because we have no voice on the forums. It’s all text.


The mods always try to be nice, but you can have an opinion. /shrug


@Sath I also have the power of the TAC
Please take a look at this :slight_smile:


I’m not on his side or anything, but he legit said it’s one of their protocols to act friendly when it comes to reports so that doesn’t count (I apologize if I sound a little rude)


Dude, that is probably the stupidest thing I have ever seen since August.


What did you see in August?




That’s their job though. I think their moderating just fine.


It’s great that you are giving us feedback. However, can you give us examples where someone from the forum moderating team was being rude?
Personally, I think we are very friendly towards every user, maybe too friendly sometimes (as we receive a lot of both positive and negative feedback). I’m not saying this because I myself, am a part of the crew. This is just my general opinion, but I’d like to hear more on how you think we can improve?

Also, a sidenote, we’ve already discussed “us being monotnous and sounding like bots” a few times already. We’ve adressed that the way we respond to certain threads is probably the easiest way for the user to understand us.


To be honest I’ve never seen a forum staff act rudely towards another player, and if you have evidence I’m they’ll be happy to see it☺