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The Forum Directors


Please don’t take any of this offensively, I am not trying to rant, I am just trying to be honest. This is just constructive criticism on how we can improve with the forum directors.

Continuing the discussion from: Message to staff :<(

Then we need someone with more experience with coding to be the director. They shouldn’t have just left you two with a job like this, we need someone that knows what they are doing and how they’re doing it. It’s nothing offensive, it’s just that they shouldn’t have picked two random Forum moderators in charge of this job. We need someone that has to put time and a lot of effort into this. I respect having them be promoted from their original position, but going as high to be the directors of the whole forums is a bit much for two people, especially, as Penguin stated before, it isn’t uncommon that they have to bring a member of the developer team to help them out.



Our main job is to manage the forum moderation and community sides of the forums, not so much the technical side. It just happens that I have some experience with HTML/CSS (other languages as well, plus some other knowledge that’s helpful here) that I can put to use. Serenity actually doesn’t have any coding knowledge at all so most of the custom CSS/HTML lately was done by me. Storm did a lot of the older things and in general had a lot more knowledge behind the scenes than me (last I checked she also coded a Discord bot so looks like her JavaScript is better than mine too xD). I’m don’t think we have enough devs to spare one for all our forum work, but once I’m back in Canada I have a couple things I want to look into to add to the forums.

Edit: also I’m not a co-director or director, just a more senior forum moderator.

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What happened to the Developer applications you guys used to have? :joy:
I haven’t seen it in a few years…



No money to hire people?



Eh… It was a volunteer thing…



We don’t develop any part of the forums…and never have. There isn’t enough reason to do so, Discourse works well.



I think he was mainly referring to technical improvements to the forums such as themes with custom CSS and HTML (which is one of the few customizable areas of Discourse) and Plugins (which notably me and Serenity cannot install).



I thought he was talking about in game stuff…