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The birth of a snowy person


Once upon a time, in the snow hospital, a snow storm was born. This snow storm grew up to be able to bind together and become the shape of a human being after a lot of training. He became a warrior who fought many battles, and won(just kidding i dont really know he could have lost all of them.) He now owns a society with JD as co ruler. Today we are here to celebrate the birth of this snow warrior.

But james thinks this happened:
Once upon a time, in the state called corolando, a lizzard was born. However this lizzard didn’t see himself as a lizzard, he saw himself as a blizzard weirdly enough so he went around calling himself bliiZZard (very cringy that captial Z, it’s like he’s trying to be cool). One day in July he joined the Lifeboat Forums and met his true love Fishy and then in January of 2018 Pleb Society was born but as a group chat with James, Angular and some bunny. Members joined and went, drama came and left but Pleb Society still remained. Some time in late 2018 he’s like I want a server now so now he’s king of a server called Pleb society and now it’s the day he left the womb.
Happy birthday @BliZZard

Happy B-day, Blizzy Boi!

And i’ve still been left uninvited to pleb…


The lizzard?




Happy birthday @BliZZard!


You were banned from Pleb Society for making ship art of me and Blizz



That wasn’t me doigh…


happy birthday noob

let’s celebrate in rts eh?


Yaya happy birthday blizzard :tada:


Happy Birthday!




guys which story is better

  • My story
  • Gotten’s story

0 voters


What even is your story


Maybe read the topic I didn’t even want him to publish it to the world so uh yeah


I never read that was your part.


yes it was xd


Yes your’s is pretty bad other than the second part


His story seemed more logical.


A snow storm that grew up to be a warrior sounds more logical?

Whatever you say dude xD


He was the king of a pleb society right after he left the womb?

WhAtEvEr yOu SaY dOoD

Not to mention, he spoke what he want inside of the womb?