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The anti cheat and anti hack system is broken, and false


I’m a pro, and I’m good. I go out of the box thinking. But sometimes I get kicked for cheating. First of, I don’t cheat, and that is false, and 2nd, how can one cheat besides hacking? I also got an unknown speed boost, and was kicked for hacking, when I didn’t even do anything. Please contact me at MRMWS@outlook


Unknown speed boost? Which gamemode might that be on? For all I know the Battle Royale beta has that bug with motorcycles, granting some users with speed when they start walking. The anti-cheat system isn’t perfect you know, they do their best to improve it.


Beta gamemodes have bugs.


I’ve had the same problem, but encountered someone in the process. There was no speed boost, but a friend and I were playing survival mode and we saw a guy fly up from inside a mountain and then proceeded to kill my friend. I was streaming at the time and my streams save so I have video proof of either a really bad bug or a hacker. I don’t know where or how to upload this video to you guys and would like help. We also tried to report him using /hacker but it would say that there was an error somewhere. I need answers and would like justice.


Same with me, i had a problem in bounty hunter and i was inmortal literally, with no armor and was great killing with a diamond sword, but i prefer to play good


Our anti-cheat isn’t perfect. The devs are working to improve it. It’s just a kick though and you can rejoin!


Anti-Cheat isnt an easy thing to make.


If minecraft bedrock hasnt glitchy enough…


The anti hack code doesn’t catch hackers. Try chatting while being pillared up or crafting while pilared. The code does kick people to try to exploit the “can’t place block here” when they try to Pilar up. Can lifeboat consider a different approach to hackers; only allow native Minecraft app to play. No launchers like toolbox allowed.


I don’t think they can do that. Probably only MC and Microsoft. But then, some people like having in-game mods for JUST MC and not servers.


I also Got a random speed boost,And I also got KA without any clients.I just randomly got it. Weird.