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Test Recording: Minecraft Java Edition


Hey everyone!

Summer break has officially started in the Philippines! I can now officially do the things the I cannot do during school months. Okay, going back to the topic.

Recently, I discovered lowspecgamer’s video on Integrated Graphics Survival Guide

One part of the video is about installing a custom driver for Intel HD Graphics users, so I installed the file in my computer with caution and started experimenting with the settings to manipulate in order to achieve a 60 FPS gameplay…

The following setting is what I did:

Display: 1024 x 768, 60p, Maintain Display Scaling
3D: Performance option, Optimize Application: On
In-Game: View Bobbing: Off, View Distance: 8 Chunks, Smooth Lighting: Max, Clouds: Off, Max Framerate: 60, mipmapping: 1

It ranged 30-61 FPS and it was all fine, except that screen jitter is present.

While thinking of things to do, I thought of recording the game at least 30 FPS, and so I did. The game is 30 FPS locked with jittering still present, resolution is potato, but over all, the FPS was a solid A.

If you want to see the result, here is the video:

Here is a plain Minecraft Test Recording for a much better result:

That’s all I can share for now fellow Lifeboaters!


Tornado mod on mcpe

Ugh, Summer Vacation starts at August for us. And it was snowing today, so no summer for us to joy.



You almost have all the same mods I have! Lol.

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Sad for you.



Actually, Philippines has no summer at all.

  • Philippines is located near the equator, so we don’t have 4 seasons (no Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall.) We have never experienced snow raining, only ice storms during mid-summer because of few scientific reasons.


I normally get 20fps as standard.

I am only just noticing this goes even further (Render distance: 32 chunks)

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