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Survival suggestion


So in the survival people can set their spawn and it’s a good thing but there should be a cool down because people just abuse it and will set their spawn on you and just respawn with full health each time until you’re dead to get your stuff


add it now :smiley:


Clearly, no one is acknowledging your suggestion here. :joy:

However, I agree it up to extent. There should be something like not respawning in the exact place.


I agree with this but right now there is a glitch aswell that makes it so that even if someone blocks up your spawn it just spawns you right next to it so they should fix that before changing it.


I don’t think many people here play Survival Mode

The topic did get a lot of likes though, so people did acknowledge it in some form.

Be patient, suggestions aren’t added immediately :smile:


I was joking, but it shouldn’t have to be a suggestion because who in their right mind would think it’s a good idea to let players constantly set their spawn with no timer… It makes it pointless getting items if someone that just joined can keep spawning on you or ruin your base like that


Thats lifeboat for you.


There should definitely be a cooldown similar to rust’s bag timer where if you get killed too many times by your spawn it puts a timer that makes it unable to spawn on said location until the timer is up. So for example say you get raided and get killed twice relatively close to your spawn, you would have the option to either spawn in a random place in the world or wait out the timer to spawn at your spawn point


It‘s a good suggestion.
The „set spawn“ feature is being abused, a lot. That would prevent spawn killing.