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Survival of the Servers: Recovery(Part 1)


I know I asked on the other post for some ideas, but…

not all of them were that serious…

I’ve decided that my stories shall be a little trilogy, and this will be the finale of the story.

Here is the first part of the story, please answer the poll below and tell me what you think!

It was a warm sunny day in Minecraft. There were mobs spawning all around, grazing on the grass. However, there was something unusual about that day. There were tons of hostile mobs spawning everywhere, with an enchanted diamond helmet and sword. The mobs were marching in an unusually straight line towards what appeared to be a road…

“And now, I would like to present to you, the Heroes of Minecraft!”

There was a villager, mayor of his village, standing next to 6 players(And a sword levitating in mid air). As he walked past them, he said their names.

“TheFancierZebra, James_J, GottenDesert, xCattyy, SparklesB, SmartyPig, and Popple! These 7 are the heroes that fought to save our game from destruction, and succeeded with the help of our spy, James!”

The Villagers below the group cheered and clapped for the heroes. Many threw emeralds up to them.

“I would like to present you heroes a medal of honor. You greatly deserve it!” Said the mayor.

Suddenly, they saw a shape walking down the road, as it got closer, they saw that it was…

“I am extremely proud of you Heroes” Said the player, who the Heroes knew was Hydreon, the owner of LifeBoat. “Without you guys and girls, my server, along with every other, would have been destroyed. For that I thank you.”

“To reward you for your efforts, I present to you this rank.” Hydreon walked over to the stage that they stood on. He presented each a badge, which read “Hero”. As it was placed on them, they felt a surge of power in their bodies.

“Me and the other server leaders have talked. We decided it was right to give you this rank of Hero. The rank gives you the power of an admin on EVERY server, not just LifeBoat. That way, you can do whatever it takes to save us if anything happens again.”

The villagers applauded again at this, and the Heroes gave their thanks to Hydreon. Once the awards were over, the villagers and players had a party at the village. Halfway through the party, however, a doctor walked up to the heroes.

“Jerox is awake” the doctor said. “Still recovering, but awake. And Jerox is saying some stuff you should hear…”


Great story furry!!


Awe man


i was serious