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Survival Mode


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Issue: The New Set Spawn.

Server: Survival Mode

Attachments (if applicable): Honestly, I don’t know what’s worse. People being able to set spawn, and being able to kill you, or a hacker doing that. I’m sorry, but this was the worst idea since bounty hunter being removed. You guys made it to where, you can’t block spawns, and everyone hates it. You guys are like call of duty, not listening to the community. This is exactly why this server is constantly losing players day by day. Please, just fix this. I can’t do anything without losers setting spawn, I can’t even build a simple base. Please, lifeboat, fix this.


I didn’t mean to come off as rude, i’m just tired of this.


I’ll forward this issue on to a developer for you. There were some complaints about not being able to delete spawns, and so the developers added an option to delete your spawn in the book. Spawn points were never supposed to break when blocks were placed on them, that was actually a bug and that’s why they fixed it. However, I will let them know your thoughts, although I can’t make any promises.


thank you, i’m just tired of good players leaving lifeboat because of small things.


I agree, and the developers have been listening and trying to make the changes that players want to see. The issue is though that it’s impossible for them to make everyone happy… As I’m sure you can imagine some players probably like that they can set a home near your base and don’t have to worry about it getting deleted. However, I agree that most players don’t like it and it is very frustrating when a player won’t leave you alone.


I agree, the only reason that I made this report because a player, and a hacker was setting spawn close to my base, and kept coming back. They killed my friend


Did you get any video of the hacker or do you remember their name by chance? I apologize about the inconvenience caused by that player. If you can get us some proof we can definitely make sure they are dealt with appropriately.


she’s still on sm5