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Survival Mode Pro will be discontinued on February 28th



He’s talking about when the server had a reset bug that was causing the entire world to be wiped every few weeks, and then for a bit every day… With every world reset more and more players quit. It was really sad to watch.


No smpro is being shut down… :sob: this was literally my favorite gamemode because you could have plots and do the classic survival gamemode in it.


Well i think there should be a plot refund meaning those who played smpro, and got plots, rhey should get a gift for that like if plots come back on sm, the users who paid will get it.


They gave over a months notice, so no one should have bought a plot after they made the announcement. If they did it clearly states on the website that gamemodes can be removed at any time and refunds won’t be given.


Yes. They also removed the SM PRO PASS in doing that. So no harm done. Being a UBER VIP still has all the benefits in the game. @_hacker_mittu47