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Survival Mode Pro will be discontinued on February 28th



I hope they bring back the plots on sm I know some old friend’s. Since time they had plots on normal survival mode right before they decided to take it out


SMPro plots should be moved to Regular SM servers, or the player has the option to save their plots before February 28 and move it to a regular SM server.


That’s just a persons opinion about lifeboats motives whether being true or not


No they’re not as greedy as you think…microsoft is


The gaming experts, not the full business…




Can we get sombody from the company. …not a volunteer troll mod to comment on this. Everything about sm, the managers, and this bs rollout is seriously server suicide


I’m sure you are a very mature person who just wants to share your opinions in a polite manner. In other words, watch your language.

She never did any such things. Stop assuming things.

As for your purchase related stuff, refer to what Cyan stated and go through the terms and conditions.


I was there seen it …this has not been stated anyware but from u mods.it is not officially lb news…not 1 server mssg .just mods trolling the company


He said read terms and conditions. …**** ***


Calm down.

We are not trolling you, this topic was created by staff member CyanPlayz (content producer).

I did not make the decision to discontinue SM, I was just among the first mods to bring awareness to it before the official announcement was made. The decision was made by staff on account of low playercounts. I’m not happy about it either, I used to frequent SMPro1 and now it’s more or less empty after the announcement, and none of the players are happy.


Bruh, first fix that god awful grammar of yours. Secondly, watch your fudging language.


Calm down everyone !

Kinda off topic: Anyways I made a video about smpro so soon on February I will release the video and it’s a memory about smpro.


Ok penguin …I am srry. …you where right. Unfortunately. I guess I was to salty. At this point I am so sick of lb and sm servers idk what u do. I will never build a plot, if you bring that back, because I have 0 faith in my build lasting. I am now playing on minplex unlimited claims. You have waisted my time over and over.i will never buy vip again.bye for good



@survivegreen Calm down dude, it’s fine if you don’t buy VIP. But I like your apologizing. Chill.


Smpro will be remembered because I’ll create a video that I already did! You should bring back saved plot on sm when they were removed.


Esto sucedio gracias a que smpro se reiniciaba cada 1 semana borrando los plots, gracias lifeboat, aprendiste de los errores este 2019!


Wait really?
Smpro resets every 1 week and learned lesson?

I use google translate on you.


Will The Normal Survival Mode Have All The Pro Features…?


Back then mittu47 the creeper was not really born lol and i was there when smpro was not out so what happen was, there were plots back then and crazy bases made of ores, sadly many people were upset about it eince they lost everything, hopefully plots come back soon.