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Survival Mode Pro will be discontinued on February 28th



Wow so many people want to discontinue smpro I guess…l I’ll make memorial.


Not those, especially not deathrun.


no its windy isles it has like 37 players at peek


Theyve been falling


You’ll just have to wait and find out. :wink:


CTF is going down the same road, you guys at lb have to do something before it’s too late.


Will us sm server players get the ability to make our plots again? I know the issue of having too much stuff built around the map was a problem but that could be resolved with a total map reset every now and then then. Plots add a way to store your stuff and not die every 10 minutes and a way to build something without it getting greifed or your chest getting raided. It’s hard to play for a long time when we have greifers. This may be only my opinion but if you held a vote people would love plots back. Anyway with love from a happy mincrafter!


And we can make the plots slightly smaller in radius too… Whatever it takes to have the ability to spawn in to my small shack with unraided chest, and see my neighbor Chad trying to get his darn wheat to grow that never grows, and that sculpture someone built across the way, just for a few days before a reset and then it gets wiped…


Plots were the reason why sm pro came into existence… if plots ever returned it wouldn’t be how they’ve been for the past year and a half


Yeh, CTF is losing, I really wanted to play yesterday, but I was lagging on CTF so hard. So I played bedwars games with only 3 people…


je suis heureux qu’ils se débarrassent de smpro
espérons que les parcelles seront supprimées




@morrisgamekidwalker - English is the preferred language here, though we do allow and try our best to communicate in other languages. Just a reminder.

Also that’s one way to spell smartypig xD.


Errrrrrrgg.so I am ooxxd0gxt4gxxoo. …been playing for a long time…sm servers are the core of all mc. The miss management of the sm servers over the past 2 years is insaine. Does management relize the hrs it takes to build some plots. I see server wipe after server wipe. Sm is your “fortnite” all the kid sg sw hide the turkey block will not ever be.you need to fully suport sm free servers or I for 1 will go to the only other alternative mineplex - even with its no plot label horrible dupes and flooded chat. I love life boat and started sm then paid vip for regular sm!!!..then pro plots came servers crashed on plots cutting them in half I quit 6 months. I am now back at pro1 with a huge castle I spent 100 of hrs on. the server was starting to get active. Until this rollout…I am not vip and pay monthly for my plot…if there was a full working sm service I would stay and would re aquire vip. But you need to understand you bring a canvas the artist come, server resets are horrible, disrespectful.


Oof sorry i forgot some of you don,t do other language and i think my auto correct corrected my spelling when i try to put smartypig corrected it to smart pig


Wrong greed is


No problem, just try not to suddenly go off in another language if possible in the future.

Also in Chinese there’s no way to autocorrect smarty into smart xD. You could do it phonetically but there’s no real way to translate smarty.


Why can’t ou just bring survival mode plots back


I did not do it in Chinese I did it by using google translate Oof I’m off topic btw


I think old plots on survival mode would be much better