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Survival Mode Pro will be discontinued on February 28th



Survival Mode Pro Official Announcement

Salutations, Lifeboaters! How’s everyone doing on this marvelous Monday morning? :smile:

Discontinuation of SMPRO
Unfortunately, we have some sad news for you SM PRO players. Survival Mode Pro will be coming to an end on February 28th. :alarm_clock:

Why did we decide to discontinue SMPRO?
We’ve decided to discontinue smpro.lbsg.net due to one main reason and that is the lack of players on our smpro.lbsg.net servers. Even though we are closing all SM PRO Servers, do not worry too much! Normal Survival Mode is not going anywhere and will remain as is. You can connect to our survival mode servers by using the IP sm.lbsg.net. :mailbox:

What will happen to my purchase of 30 days Survival Mode pass?
In our terms and conditions, it states:

We do our best to keep game types up, but make no guarantees as to their availability or continued existence. We will keep any game type available for a minimum of 90 days after we discontinue any game-specific product, and typically much longer"

Be sure to read our terms & conditions here: https://lbsg.net/terms-and-conditions/ :notebook:

Thank you all for being supportive
Thank you all for being super supportive. We have tons of new games and features coming in 2019. Stay tuned for more awesomeness! :green_heart:

Questions / Concerns
If you have any questions/concerns, please be sure to ask them below! I’ll be answering all questions & concerns. :+1:

Make a decision

As bad as can be expected…

Oh Meh Goodness! I hope meh game is one of them xD

Yes… Are you allowed to tell us or give us hints on what games are “Coming Soon…”???


How many times have I called this?

Didn’t expect it this soon but dang

RIP sm pro

I got one question though? What’s gonna happen to plots?

Also thank you for saying this gamemode is gonna end and disappear unlike a previous gamemode which just got shut down without any word.

Communication… I like it


Blockquote We have tons of new games and features coming in 2019. Stay tuned for more awesomeness! :green_heart:

Are any of these new games going to be like Copx or Mummy Valley aka more RPG and single player centered?


Ah yes, I was waiting for a staff member to go through the Terms and Conditions and post it here!


Y’all change survival modes a lot while mineplex has plots on theirs
I think they might be copying our work so they can get more players and we can get less I think some other reason why is because the map soon big less and less players play on survival mode. Pro and some think is unfair to keep smpro running and I think some of them miss the survival mode plots back in old days but I respect all these change’s and some players respect the changes although their is some problems and bugs that will be reported soon and maybe spamming will fade off and the hacking will fade off too and less less players will play in future and more and more servers might go offline


Guys, back on topic.

@PingingPie92 - we don’t mind mentioning other servers here, but if you have to share IPs to those servers please do them elsewhere or at the very least in DMs.


This is a massive let down and very discouraging to all loyal players and ( new players ) , who have been playing since SM PRO began. ( through everything. All the plots glitches. Plots being erased. The Disconnects. The lag) , a lot of us still stayed and played, why? Because SM PRO was something we enjoyed and it had a smooth feel in the server to play on. Being able to have a plot and build and be creative and most of us had 2 plots! I hope in the future something is revamped to bring back the fun that was SM PRO. Most players love to build and meet new people. So as aforementioned this is a big mishap to me and all players on the server.

Thank You to all who have worked on SM PRO
( with keeping plots stable and improving the gameplay, it was Wonderful! )

I Hope to see something New in the Future!


Yeah but the end of sm pro was saw coming just how these last couple of months been going… I just don’t think anyone thought it happen this soon though…


Yes. As a business move. It had to be done. But it only makes new waves and new tides for something else to come.


The SM servers are always busy with a gargantuan amount of players. I think a lot of players may have been confused with the SM PRO in a way. They go to SM PRO and can not move so simply log out to something else. I think putting plots back in regular SM would be great. But maybe with a new twist ?


YASSSSSS. NO MORE DANG ROLEPLAY. YAAASS. I’m gonna cry thanks to this historical moment. No more smpro, yasssss.


@Sparkz, if you’re glad that’s fine, but be warned that there are a lot of loyal SMPro players that will probably not take your comment well. SM and SMPro aren’t really big roleplay hubs anyway, that’s mostly CM (you can build anything you want to roleplay in and don’t need to worry about skeletons shooting you) or Lifeboat City (a gamemode built specifically for roleplaying).


Can u please don’t break meh moment. I’m sad now.


Hard truth my dude, it isn’t SM that is gathering roleplayers to lifeboat


Smpro removed? What happens next?


Hopefully Lifeboat City remove and add a new awesome gm


Plz remove CM, SM, and LifeBoat City and replace em’ with KitPvP, SkyBlock and DeathRun


Creo que Fortnite está robando a todos los jugadores que juegan mcpe.


As @Penguin has quoted, back on topic. This is a topic belonging to the update category and a place where users ask their legitimate queries about smpro. This is not a place to go off topic.

@morrisgamekidwalker and @PingingPie92 sharing server ips is not allowed. Please refer the FAQ.