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I think that people who are being concerned in a support topic should be allowed to post in there. For example.

Username: Player1212 was swearing. Look at this proof
F-Mod: Thanks for the report !
Player1212: Sorry, I see my mistake and would like to take a second chance.
F-Mod: Hello, If you would like to make a ban appeal, go to this site.

Or a bug report here; a beta tester should be allowed to respond saying that they forwarded the bug. Or a user asking a question about being mod, a mod should be allowed to answer the question.


I believe we do let them know the appropriate place to forward a ban appeal on our reminder to not post on support topics.

The forum moderators can forward the bug report to a beta tester, and the beta tester can forward it.


Isn’t that very indirect?


The majority of the beta tester team don’t use the forums. In my opinion it is much more organized if only forum moderators/helpers reply to Support topics, and then sort them accordingly.


Who gave you that info?


Most the inactive betas have been removed,


No, they haven’t been, atleast not all, but the most active Betas do use the Forum.


Yeah! I don’t dont know who gave them the idea that most of the betas DONT use the forums…


Also I have never seen any mod forward an Bug to a beta, they always forward it to Devs.


Agreed. Actually xCattyy is the only one I’ve seen it been done for.


At least before I was removed.