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Suggestions for Creative


I have some suggestions for the cm’s.

I know I talk for alot of us, the daily builders on your cm servers.

We really want some more options to build with, the stained glass blocks are awesome, but we would love to have more options in decorative blocks.
Something like more trap doors, buttons, flower pots, doors, slaps, fences, flower pots, frames, paintings, cauldron ect.

And I personally would really like some more options for lights, like beacons and sea lanterns just for an example.

I am a almost daily user on the cm1 and I’m getting kinda stuck in my creativity from using the same blocks all the time.
We have alot of things, but it is alot of items that we cannot use in creative at all.

And as a last thing, I would like to address that the animal spawn rate is insane(!) And the animals are further more hard to kill…
When I am working on big scale builds, I get alot of lagging from animal spawns, and I can’t keep up with killing them, before they spawn again…
Maybe you could make it so animals can’t spawn on plots?
Or make it so they can’t jump fences?
It is frustrating when you try to build and animals walk all over, so you can’t place blocks…

Best regards



Nice! Anyways idk why mobs jump over fences but mobs I think coded differently so mobs are glitchy so yeah… this is cool suggestion.