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Suggestion for ALL servers


This should stop users in invisible skin and inappropriate skin.

Here is how this works.

mittu47’s logs in lifeboat

mittu47 is now logged in

mittu47 sees a invisible skin but too late and went in the Portal and game started and could not see their username.

*No problem, just do /playerskins and will instantly teleport you a to a wide long room as much it needs and when plaher join, their skin will be cloned and will be in a room full of skins but if you ever come across a invisble or inappropriate skin. *NO PROBLEM! you got a user skin and username ready.

mittu47 takes screenshot

mittu47 reports the user

If u don’t know what I mean, here is what I mean, also it’s best way to expose people and will keep away inappropriate skins and invisible skin!

This can improve lifeboat by:
:large_blue_diamond:You can screenshot inappropriate skins
:large_blue_diamond: You can screenshot invisible skins.
:large_blue_diamond:You can now screenshot bad or inappropriate usernames.

Also in da video, all these villagers are example of players so people will have nametag above or something, each time player leaves, the user or clone disapesrs.


Located in all spawns btw


No villagers were harmed in the process of making this.


If the server clones so many player skins, the server will lag which will cause it to crash.


@xBriqn well let’s make them soo soo far away soooo


Not worth lifeboats time to make a room where you can view everyone’s skins. Just record them and report them normally.

Also, I think Hive automatically changes invisible skins and other skins that give players an unfair advantage into Steve skins, so maybe lifeboat can add this as well. It’s a lot simple and would be a lot less laggy.


Well life boat could have clones invisible but when you enter, they will appear. Also clones will be far like not near spawn so just use da command I said. @ohrangee567


I really don’t think this is something lifeboat would add, it would be hard to implement and there are other more effective solutions like the one hive has. Why can’t you just tecord them while you’re playing the game?


Well @ohrangee567 on lbc. Some invisible skin and was sneaking but riding a bike, I was getting hit but I wondered, what the heck??? Oh my invisible skin? Well this will be useful since u can just expose invisible skin.