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Stupid Story Chapter 2



It’s early in the morning, Cattyy woke up from James’ bed, she saw James sleeping on the floor. xCattyy is a strong woman, she carried James to his bed and covered half of his body with a blanket and left the bedroom to go outside. In the living room, she saw BliZZard sleeping on the couch, she thought that BliZZard was lost and James rescued him. She was proud of James and she left the house.

James woke up half asleep with his mindset of going straight to the couch and watch TV. He stood up and went to the couch without noticing BliZZard was there. He mistook BliZZard for a pillow so he carried him and he sat down and made him sit down and hugged him like a pillow and slept again.

After a while, James’ saliva was dripping on BliZZard’s shirt. BliZZard suddenly woke up and noticed that James is hugging him. He blushed and he also found out that James accidentally dripped his saliva on his shirt so he panicked. He stood up and got a throw pillow to put on James’ head. He sighed with relief and he still remembered that James’ saliva is still on his shirt, so what he did was he kept as his “treasure”. He left the house, leaving James all alone, and went back home with his mind all about James for some reason.



Don’t be Äutistic and Gae again


DiD yA uSe AutiSM as A thgigngg8gngignggigngjgndlxxmdkd


Ok sEnPaI



You used the wrong image, mate. I prefer the other one


Enough already.


Aw man


I’m concerned that when you’re bored, out of all the things you could do.

You make a fan fic.


stop it, get some help


wait which other one

i have tons


“Or make gae fanfic including him and you’ll get yourself an annoyed BliZZard”

Well, you’re the one who told me to do this just to annoy BliZZard, besides, how can a cup of blizzard be annoyed on a fanfic that includes him, saying “Corolando” instead of Colorado and Saying Razer is better than Corsair.

So U gOt nO RiGhT tO sAy YoU’rE cOncErNeD aBoUt tHiS!







You’re trying to put the blame on me now?

Touché sir, touché


No sirie…


No u.