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Stream today @4:30PM EST! #ButterChallenge


Make sure to join today’s livestream @4:30PM EST! It will be a challenge day livestream! :high_brightness:

#ButterChallenge! Goal: Earn full gold armor and battle with a golden sword! :sunrise:

Server rotation: SW13, CTF13, SG13, BW13 :sailboat:

Make sure to subscribe to the Lifeboat channel! Cya there! :wave:


You are amazing


I’ll be there again


Thank you! :sailboat:


I can’t wait! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll be there cooper !


Well, guess I’ll have to wake up early for this stream


Can’t join, I’m busy


If only timezones weren’t a thing…


Ok thank you for putting the time up hear!
How long do you think each game mode stream will last?


I sometimes wonder : Did Aslan ever praise you for the work you have done on lifeboat?


My favorite part was when I was attacking Cooper’s bed, I should have just gone straight for the bed!


Lol, my favourite part was when you reminded me of cross teaming and I was like “What am I doing?” and I started killing James…but didn’t think twice before pvping you with only a stone sword and an iron helmet


Oh yeah, I remember that.
Bible bot was also there…