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Stone axe in CTF


Hello! So I have noticed one thing that I desperately need over and over again in CTF matches, is an axe. This is because we spawn in with wood.
I was thinking It would be very useful if we were to spawn with a stone axe aswell making it easier to break wooden blocks.
I like hearing feedback from other lifeboat players when I make server suggestions! :slight_smile: so what do you guys think? Would you also like this implemented?

  • Yes!
  • No.

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It seems pointless. You can easily craft one with a block of iron and wood, and an iron axe is much better than a stone axe. It’s Minecraft for a reason, you gotta get crafty.


I do see your point, however at this point very many amazing players play on CTF and by the time I could mine iron and craft an axe- the game has ended. It’s sad but true. I typically just use what I spawn with- nothing more. No point in crafting and getting armor for a game that doesn’t last long.