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Special News! [Video coming]


Hello I’m ganna upload a video with memory of smpro.

I included averageryhme2, @MasterBroPro, @Fishy, and a beta tester, and there was a mod thwt had ender men skin but sadly forgot to be included :frowning:

I will upload soon! I won’t reveal it yet! Also the video may be terrible but okay.
Sorry for the mod that wasn’t included so reply you were next to @Fishy or mittu47 or averageryhme2 please!


I’m release it on Feb and I did took a image from Google and if you see a image that is switch version then I took it from google, I’m a mcpe user,


Any mod that was included but forgot to and it was endermen skin pls reply.

Here is vote should I make 2 videos?

  • No, Don’t make another one and only 1 video is fine.
  • Sure, I think you should make another video so you have 2,

0 voters


I won’t show you the video I made. Not even a screenshot. @MasterBroPro Don’t send too many images pls but you can show what it was like when you were taking screen shot :slight_smile:


Also fishy sorry for mensioning you but do you know the other mod thwt had Endermen skin?


RIP enderguy mod who was not named.

I cri everitim


That’s XVaporXSpookyX


Hey hey! @XVaporXOceanX donr worry


Keeo voting!