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Some Features that could be added


I have been here on the forums for 5 months now, and I like the way it is set up! I just have a few ideas that could be added to improve the forums even more!

  1. Add the ability to dislike. This would be nice, an easy way to know how the community feels about your post.

  2. I think the ability to “follow” someone would be pretty cool. Because if someone is making a story on here and you are included, this gives you an easy way to see when they post the next part of the story.

  3. A games and jokes section. Many people make games (The Prediction Game, The Rhyming Game, etc) here on the forums. This seperate section could allow people to post jokes, games, and memes for the community to enjoy.

  4. A lounge for member rank and under. As I am getting closer to earning the Regular rank, I learned that there is a lounge for regulars. I think there should also be a lounge for people under regular. Regulars would still get their separate lounge still.

I have enjoyed the forums a lot since I joined 5 months ago. I know this is a forum template, but some of this could still be added!




Then they’re gonna dislike a good post.
Nah, can’t have it.


This is a template. Not Lifeboats.


See above.


This is still a template. Go to meta.discourse.com for more details.


If they could add all these sections, they should be able to add a jokes and games section. If they could add special ranks and a lounge for Regulars, they could add a lounge for everyone.


PRETTY sure #uncategorized is already a lounge. And #lounge is an ability.


True, but additional sections can be added, or a lounge for those under regular level only, just like the only current lounge is for regulars and up.


I feel like lounge for everyone is GD already.


Yet in the last comment, I replaced the lounge for everyone with the lounge for member and under.


You might not think the lounge for people under regular is good, but those that can’t be on the forums enough to meet the regular requirements would.


A regular is a regular customer or member, for example of a bar, store, or team.


I am aware what a regular is.


The regulars have a lounge because thye dedicated time on these forums, members and below will have to wair.