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So...Total Leaderboards?



I’m just wondering if the total (and yearly) leaderboards are ever going to be working again…I know I’ve asked about them in the past and understand that they aren’t necessarily the most important feature to anyone, but they have been “under maintenance” for well over a year now…and monthly players somehow got a rank to work towards during the time total and yearly have been down…I personally used to enjoy having the total leaderboards, but maybe that was just me.


Hello, sorry for the late response! There is currently no word on the total and yearly leaderboard coming back as far as I know. If it does end up coming back, I or one of our admins will inform everyone.


Hello, at the moment our developers are currently focus on various projects at the moment. This is i’m sure apart of their long list and will be released soon. Though, we do apologize for the wait and when it does release it’ll be bigger and better than ever. :slight_smile: