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So, this is me!


So , this is me !

Im from Portugal, so my language is Portuguese. I speak Portuguese, English and Spanish.
I’m a very active person.
I like traveling the world, playing minecraft among other games.
I play on the computer, the mobile phone, the Playstation 4 and the XBOX.
I bought some things on Lifeboat like VIP, UberVIP, some Cosmetics and a few more things.
I’m 19 but I still have fun with what I do.
My name on XBOX Live / Username on Lifeboat is “TiagovskiYT”
I take it to say that maybe I will change my name to “Ocean_Is_life”
I love the ocean, I like to see the fish in the sea and I love dolphins.
So, this is me !




Hi, welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Btw i can speak lil bit of spanish like no hablo espanol, hola amigo, jajaja, hola como estas :wink:


So, this is me ! <3




Hi there! Welcome to the forums!


This hi is any other generic greetings


Olá :wave: bem-vindo aos fóruns!


Obrigado !


Welcome but let me tell you something.

Xbox won’t allow you to have a name with underscores otherwise my Xbox name would be my forum name.


Welcome to the forums!


hello brotha


Hey there, welcome to the forums!


Lifeboat Network


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Not necessary though


Hello there! Welcome please read these terms and it is important even if you already know the rules but didn’t check so just double check if you are right because this may save you from a trouble!

Wish you good luck with happy lifeboating!


How, Thanks! You help me a Lot !


Always check the



@PingingPie92 why would u look at it again and again?