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So many staff!


I just joined the game, and this is what I saw:


And yes, Sparkles is a senior moderator :laughing:


She’s one step closer in becoming Kebab’s honey boo


Not anymore tho


What server???


steve confirmed


Woah I wish I was there. The most mods I see at one time is one.



Come on… :cry:


<3 <3


Yay @Ninjetter420
I’m so happy you are a mod now instead of crew.

Poor me, no crew yet, but I can still wait a week or two.
Otherwise I’m gonna go break some sledge hammers.

Till I get more money for myself, I will return to cm2 sometimes soon,


it was for you <3


I was there for like 1 second and then I saw everyone and I was like “I dont wanna be here”


Awesome! Don’t be afraid to ever say hi if you see us on the server! (I’m not in the picture)


Thanks! I’m pretty happy too :smiley:
You can always apply again Smarty! Althought I’m sure you’ve been quite busy as it’s been awhile since you’ve been in Cm2. But yes return soon! CM2 isn’t the same anymore :frowning: [new players - new town, the ‘regular’ players are hardly there anymore, it’s sad :frowning_face: ]


Senior secondary education is tough.
Anyway I already applied a week ago so I will se the results!