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So, because you asked, @kaleb418


Your “anticheat” is still not existing. Because you wanted my proof: youtu.be/AzuyR4zC5_Y
Please fix. And please don’t ban me, I didn’t harm anybody.


ping @kaleb418


AntiCheat does exist


Well, I don’t think so.


lifeboats anticheat is actually better than most servers


But it’s still bad. Should be improved.


then why did you say this?


Just to provoke the admins :^)


Yeah right


It really is, hive’s is basically non existent


Yea, Hive’s really non existent. But just because of that you can’t say that LBSG’s is good.


I didn’t, I just meant that it doesn’t deserve to be called “non existent”, but now I know that u we’re just trying to provoke the staff.


Lifeboat should just make or buy an AAC then…
Lifeboat is too overprotective to normal players, and under protective to actual hackers.


Sorry for posting on an old topic but -

Our anticheat is actually much more effective compared to average bedrock anticheat software. Plus our anticheat is heavily influenced by human reports, like player /reports and administrator account flags.

Of course it’s not perfect, and there are a bunch of clever hacks to get around it. But between our moderating team and the anticheat software, it is pretty effective (I think we can all agree that hacker counts have gone down in both severity and number).

I also collect new hack client software and we use it to test our anticheats whenever we update them, so we have a nice variety of protections against multiple hack clients.

MarwaGamer4 BW1 Fly Hacking Report
Please remove the anti-hack system

Use an AAC


Keep up the good work


Where’s my credit :rage:




Like I said, our anti-cheat is better than most average anti-cheat software. This would be a downgrade & we’d rather pay for our developers to make a custom anti-cheat for us.


@kaleb418 Ahhh, that makes sense. The servers I know of that have or did have an AAC instead of a custom are all shut down, probably because of financial loss. Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile: