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Skywars Suggestions

  1. Please get rid of knockback sticks. Whenever I fight someone with a weapon, they have the stick that they rely on and knock me off the edge. For example, when a hacker is in the game, the hacker doesn’t bother getting a weapon. Instead, they find a stinkin’ stick in a chest, turn on they’re hacks, and you get destroyed completely. Unless your good at Pvp, there’s litterally nothing you can do except run away.

  2. Please get rid of lava buckets. Whenever I try to fight someone, they have a lava bucket when I’m climbing up a ladder, and they just kill me with it. You get no points for setting people on fire or putting lava on someone. The lava is pointless. It’s just something handy that you can troll people with.

    The stick and lava bucket are abused by many skywars players. It makes the game totally unfair. Please remove them and thank you for your time.


I agree

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I disagree, just create yourself knockback stick and abuse them
And lava can be used to excape players or traps so no.

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  1. The knockback Stick issue is actually a bug and will be fixed soon.

  2. I honestly agree with you I think there should be a way for the lava to not flood when placed. (This would go for water as well) This would actually fix an issue when you reclaim your water or lava bucket when the lava or water has already spreaded it does not disappear.



Yes, also when you have a water bucket, when the water floods down to the void and when you fall into the water, you actually die.



No matter how much protection or armor you have on, the lava does the same amount of damage per hit. It’s useless. Full iron armor compared to no armor doesn’t make a difference when your in lava.



It’s really fun to knockback players off with that stick, but it’s annoying when other players do that to you too at the same time, so I’ll just agree on this.

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