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Skyblock Farms in LifeBoat City πŸ₯πŸ¦πŸ›


Okay so this was one of my ideas earlier but really want to expand on it. Sky block formatted farms in lifeboat city. Start off with a barn on a 10Γ—10 cobblestone platform. Have a seed shop in town that is only functional during day. Different seeds take different times to grow. The longer you wait the more profit. Buy dirt blocks from the same shop for 100$ a piece. And diamond Gardening tool for 1000$. Once you have dirt gardening tool and seeds you may expand the platform with dirt and begin to build your farm. Water buckets and a purchasable well would be good I would really like to see this added. Thank you for reading.


Carful there I 3rd paragraph cause I saw a word that is kinda bad so watch out saying it!


People can say that word in a context like this. I think this is a great idea as well! I love gardening!


Yep just restating, hoe is fine if referring to the gardening tool and specifically the gardening tool. It’s best to leave that sort of thing to mods anyway, any post containing β€œhoe” is sent through the mod filter, if it’s being used wrong we’ll usually catch it.


Penguin can you please bring this idea up to one of the big guys please. I think it would be really beneficial to the gamemode


I could try, though I’m not sure what they have planned and they don’t really let the mods throw in ideas much or keep us in the loop.


That’s fair. I apreciate it though.


We hear you!


Thank you!


Cool topic but devs cannot hear me.