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SG Kit suggestions


So I haven’t played in a while but I’m back- here’s a suggestion for the kits in SG. So I think we should bring back the old kits we had, and make them upgradeable- players who complete quests would get a kind of currency, it can be used to upgrade the kits. Of course it won’t be too op- like 3 quests for the first tier or something. This can also be done without adding back the old kits but it’d be less dynamic.


Good Idea!
Sadly I’m not sure this this violates the McEULA. so it may not be added.

Keep in mind it is a great idea.


no kits
SG is better without kits


I made a similar suggestion before, got ignored unfortunately :confused:


@JaredAndStuff eventhough i wish kits are added but eula wouldn’t allow to. so it’s best not to have in-game advantages.


Well some are unfair and yes i hate when topics thst get ignored.


You’re misunderstanding the EULA. Lifeboat can have kits, the EULA says nothing about that. What people mean by in game advantages is that Lifeboat can’t sell products and ranks that will give players an unfair advantage over other players who don’t buy ranks.


Oh, my bad then.


Yes bring kits back but for everyone.