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Servers are under maintenance!




Disappoint us and we will make you walk the plank.


I can’t get in…
It just says that the connection got a timeout :thinking:

It can’t connect to the server?

I’m on mobile, so in pe and logged on to xbox live.


i was watching a movie


What movie?


You sure you’re not just bad?


More updates?
Is it just minor fixes or are the server down for hours again? :slightly_smiling_face:


U sure u just don’t pvp enough to know how bad it became


I pvp daily on the SM servers sooo I meannnnnnnnn you sure you’re not bad?


PvP on lifeboat is pretty bad. I don’t know about sm, but the hits are pretty laggy compared to some other PvP servers. I know lifeboats a big network, but it’s better on hive as well.


Wanna 1v1 then?


Continue this in a dm so u guys don’t get this locked


when will the servers open again? what for update will come to the servers?


The new movies ccars 3 and ready player one and other new movies I enjoy them so much :grin:


PVP no problem for me sometimes the seoncd time I PvP kingcjay without hacks
Surprising he lost


I don’t remember this quite frankly but at the same time I haven’t been on the SM servers much in the last month or so.


The servers are up again but, we are having Issues with certain skins. This means if you can’t connect to Lifeboat, and get a Timeout Error and your connection is good, try using a Steve Skin until it’s fixed.


Most of the servers are dead


BUT I LOVE THE transfer


It’s sooooooooooo fast