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Servers are under maintenance!


oof that’s a rip


I’m sure we’re all excited :slight_smile:


You’ll just have to wait and see :eyes:


I think it’s ganna be bad update as always


Are you guys trolling us again or are we getting something that’s actually good?


i hope is something good and it fixes the lag! :slight_smile:


They are trolling us, we are getting bad updates as always. There was no point of shutting it down since worst updates always come.

And lbsg is open?

Oh wait, I take this back. What is this?

Did you guys just, I proved lifeboat just as I imagined? Oh my. That’s soo cool! Good job devs, I like lifeboat again! At least improved and better than old lifeboat. I wanna see the full out update!

I hope this is best update and hopefully bad updates are going to be kicked out and new ones coming in!


Are the servers up yet?


Yeah, and the update sure was a big one XD


For me the servers are still down… Rip


Rip for me… it’s not updated for me :frowning:


Need to fix your updates for people who play on Xbox thanks…


I don’t think there should be a difference right? It’s the same server isn’t it?


True… idk then I can’t connect…


It says “BIG UPDATE COMING” still :(:frowning_face:


I don’t wanna stop playing on this server but if I can’t play on the server then I’m going to be able to play on it…


Watch the video @Hazard_DutchAD if you want to see what the updates about


It’s about no lag and stuff yeah I saw the video but it still won’t load for me…




Did u try joining even though it says that