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Server Survival Games: Finale


(And so we have reached the end of my series. This here is the final episode. Look back at my past parts if you forgot where we left off, but if you remember, read on…)

“See anything?”
“No, completely dark up ahead. However, there are some alarms.”
“That’s strange…”
The group of heros walked into the portal that led to the Hive server, the last remaining server. All the lights in the server were off, except for the light of the moon and stars. As they walked past houses, they saw villagers and players watching from behind the doors. Up ahead, alarms were blaring, with a voice giving a warning: “Curfew has now begun. Be sure to bring all mobs and items inside, and lock your doors.”

Suddenly, the alarms and voice stopped, replaced with static. After a few seconds, the static was replaced with a calm, clear voice that they knew too well, the voice of the leader hacker, JeroxCopy: “I know you are in here. I know you think you can beat us. However, you are wrong. I have a couple hundred hackers waiting outside the server’s portal, and they are ready to enter at a second’s notice.”

“However, I will give you a choice. You can leave the server, and surrender to us peacefully. You would be locked up, yet still alive. Or I can send my group in now and let them destroy everything in search of you. You are given this option: Surrender peacefully, or allow everything in there to be killed. I would rather not destroy all of Minecraft, but I will if that’s what’s necessary, I will. You have 5 minutes to decide.”

TheFancierZebra cursed under his breath. “Of course. How did they follow us? We saw nobody even close to the portal.”

The rest of the group thought about it. “Well, maybe it was a bit obvious,” Said Popple. "There’s only one server that hasn’t been took over. It was probably very easy for them to realize that if we escaped, we’d go to the last server remaining.

“Well, that doesn’t matter now” Said xCattyy. “We have 5 minutes to decide what we will do. What will we do?”

“Well, isn’t it obvious?” Said SmartyPig. “We have to fight! This server is all we have left, we need to fight!”

“Didn’t you hear what Jerox said? They will destroy this with everyone in it if we don’t give up! We won’t have anything left if we don’t go out!” Said SparklesB.

“But how do we know that Jerox will keep that promise? They destroyed every other server, how do we fully know they won’t destroy this one?” Asked Smarty.

“We don’t. We don’t, ok? We have fought against so many enemies, yet they keep coming back. Those of ours that died have been banned, they can’t rejoin. No matter which way you look, we can’t win” Said TheFancierZebra.

“I guess he’s right. We really have no chance. I guess the best thing to do would be give up.” Said GottenDesert.

“Look guys, I’m sorry. It’s my fault that we’re in this situation. If I hadn’t suggested this big survival games match, we wouldn’t be here. We’d probably still be going along with our lives.” Said TheFancierZebra.

“So I guess that settles it. We quit. After all we’ve been through, we will turn ourselves in like it’s nothing?” Said Popple, somewhat disbelieving.

“That’s all we can really do, I guess.” said TheFancierZebra.

So the group of 6 walked out the portal, finding out that everything Jerox said was true. There were hundreds of hackers, all lined up with some sort of hacked weapon in their hands. About 20 blocks from the portal stood Jerox, in a weird colored armor.

“So you finally came to your senses. Figured out that the server wasn’t worth fighting for, huh? Well, a deal’s a deal, the server’s safe. And you, my friends, are coming with me.”

They followed Jerox and a couple armed hackers to a house about 200 blocks away. Once in, everything turned to bedrock, including the door.

“There you go! Enjoy your stay, because you sure will be here a while” Said Jerox with glee.

And they did. Minutes turned to hours, and hours to days. They had been there for so long, it was kind of hard to believe. They were bored out of their minds, unable to leave, unable to do much of anything. Then, one day months later, a familiar voice said “Your time in there is up, you’re free to go”.

There was something about that voice, it wasn’t like the one of Jerox…

Then the bedrock was broken, and they saw that the person was indeed not Jerox, but JamesJ!

“What? What happened?” Asked Apple.

James told the group his story. He had joined the team a few days before the big survival games to spy on them. After the games, when he left, he gathered some rebel hackers. Once the group was caught, the rebels got to work. They made a plan to destroy the army, and after a few days, succeeded. It turns out that Jerox had been attacked by another hacker and turned into their leader, and was currently being healed by the mind control. They spent some time rebuilding servers as a surprise to them.

“I can’t believe it. We lost, yet you won for us” Said TheFancierZebra, appalled.

“Yep, and I’m glad to say we got some moderators back to ban the rest of the bad hackers. We can now go back to our ordinary lives” Said James.

“I guess this is goodbye, then. Time for us all to go.” Said xCattyy.

“I guess so. Well then, goodbye everyone!” Said Smarty.

Slowly but surely, everyone left. All except for TheFancierZebra, who decided to make a memorial for the events that took place. You can find this memorial still, if you know where to look. The memorial reads:

"At this location on November 13th, 2018, a group of heroes attempting to save Minecraft were locked in a Bedrock Prison. They were rescued months later in March 6th 2019 finding out that the game was saved by others. This memorial gives thanks to these heroes, and the sacrifices they had to take to save every player.

I would like to give thanks to those that participated in my story(Continued in a comment):


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its been a long time since anyone wrote a story

i salute u


i died way too early on for this to be realistic but it was a great story


Whoops, sorry.



I am inspired to write my series again.
Or a new one.