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[See results] (Closed) Vote for the servers you like (November 20 2018 Ends)


Hive has staff members? Never knew that…


I know them all too well. edwjusti, and ssunsett. All started with one ship and next thing you know they’re dating IRL.


I’ve never met any staff members there. I only played murder mystery there, because for some reason other minigames crashed minecraft, so that might be why. That definitly sound waaay different from lifeboat mods.


Calculating votes for all…


I take that as hypixel

  1. Lifeboat
  2. Hive
  3. Mineplex
  4. Cubecraft


Updated vote


Every server has staff members…


Well, I have never seen any on InPvP and Hive, and I play them a lot.


we listen to players, also get out


I know Lifeboat does as one of my suggestions was implemented and others as well but not many other servers do.


Did the vote stop? Because no one is coming here to vote?

  1. Hive :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. LBSG
  3. Mineplex


Thanks for voting


Lifeboat seems has the most votes but almost a tie to others and this is awsome! The voting will stop on November 20!


Lifeboat and brokenlens


Brokenlens breaks the EULA


What’s that?




Current votes : inluding mittu47 [Updated on November 12 2018] [3:29 Pm] (I don’t wanna build poll)
Lifeboat: 11
Inpvp: 6
Cubecraft : 6
Brokenlens: 4
Hive: 9
Mineplex: 8
Bad lion Pe: 1
Duopvp: 1
PrimeGames: 2
Nethergames: 1
Hypixel: 2
Noob craft:: 1