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[See results] (Closed) Vote for the servers you like (November 20 2018 Ends)


What is best server give me your votes
Also no need to vote 1 you can vote more than one and take a look at the image and if a server is not there tell one.

Current votes are on the bottem


Scroll all the way down if to see the current votes.


What server do you vote for?
Mineplex is very laggy
Lifeboat is kinda laggy but works
Inpvp some games lag but kinda works

There aren’t lot of servers maybe vote your own


2. InPvP (sorry Kebab)
Badlion PE (Got shut down barely after 2 weeks)
DuoPVP (Shut Down)
PrimeGames (Factions)


Caculating votes…


MinePlex is most lag for me. It takes like ten min to start a game, but the games are pretty fun.




Everyone vote for the servers and if a server is not up there say the servers and the new server and soon when mittu47 is online
Might update the scores goodluck everyone and also moderaters and staff should vote too cause why not?

  1. Lifeboat.
  2. InPvP
  3. Hive
  4. Brokenlens
  5. Prime Games(love the free prison server there.


(Updated vote)


I like when players voting because I wanna see instead of watching election days lol.


Just a note: you can set up an actual poll using our forums’ poll system. To set one up, find the little gear symbol, and click “Build Poll”


And follow the instructions that appear.

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You can have more than just two options, and they can have any name you want (in this case you’ll want the server names).


Before you all say you like BrokenLens LLC, Theres one thing you will want to know. I used to work on that server, the staff team was horrible, no organisation at all, no admins actually had a specific role, they just had the tag and permissions to do what they wanted. The owner is the only developer, yet has favourites. If you try to apply, an application can take up to 8 months just to be denied or accepted as the way the applications are processed is, 8 staff members have to approve on an application. But there is never 8 staff members active which is why it takes so long.

Another thing you will like to know, is the server using https://hostinger.com to host the server itself. They have an EU server host and a US server host. I tried explaining something had to be done on the server, and all my suggestions got ignored, so when I posted them in the PUBLIC suggestions section, they got deleted. After having enough of the server I decided to leave due to the staff being all favourites, having issues with the lead build team captain because she was so inappropriate and rude on the Discord server.

I’m no longer part of that server. Lifeboat is a much better community, sure, it’s a little more toxic on some servers, but at the same time… 1: Featured and 2: The staff actually listen to you! So I vote Lifeboat on this poll.




Brokenlens admins seems kinda weird, once i was playing skywars solo and a spanish admin was roleplaying and oding with some girl that was near him


Ill vote for mineplex, yea his servers lag and has high ping, but games are cool and also they have a community similar to lifeboat

  1. Hive because they have new games that haven’t been introduced before (as far as I know) and so far the community is good apart from a few rule breakers here and there. Also the staff actually listen to you as well which is very nice

  2. Lifeboat, it has good game modes but other servers have them and I prefer cubecraft’s sg more tbh. The forums is nice but some servers have toxic people but I need that toxicity in life so it’s fine

  3. Cubecraft

  4. inpvp


Where do you experience lag there? That server is the most lag free server on the Bedrock Featured Server list. You can speed bridge and everything else that you can’t because of lag there.


Woah. Thanks.


My favorite server is Hypi-