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Scenic Views 2


After a long trip, I’ve made it to Scotland!
Took some absolutely stunning images of the clyde.


Location: Helensburgh, Scotland

You can see Greenock, Port Glasgow, and Langbank over the water as well as Inverkip. As well as some rather snowy mountains in the background


Awesome! I’m on a trip around Europe (was in Prague, but now I’m in Germany) and I wish my pictures looked that good. Are you still using your phone’s camera?


Yep, still using phone camera.


Those pictures look absolutely stunning. Scotland is a beautiful place, have you been to Wales?


Other than the light pollution, Scotland is a very wonderful place.


Location: Wemyss Bay


i wish the clouds were that clumped over here in asia


You know it’s great if light pollution is the only pollution that’s a problem