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Saying “hoe” shouldn’t be bannable


Hey guys! I was looking through recent posts on forums today and I saw a player got reported for using inappropriate language. Upon looking at the post the reported player had used the world “hoe”. This was on a line completely alone. This report was sent through by a moderator and I’m sure now this players account will be locked within a few days.

I would like to point out that however unlikely this may be, a player could be just simply be referring to the common Minecraft tool used in farming. The word “hoe” has a legitimate meaning outside of an insult. So if is not completely obvious that it is being used in an insulting way- I don’t feel like this word warrants a ban. What do you guys think? Should this word pass due to the fact that it has a double meaning? Or is it a bad word always?

  • Eh, ban anyways.
  • I feel like they shouldn’t ban for this.
  • It depends.

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Actually, when reports such as these are handled, we determine whether or not it was used as an offensive word of not. When there isn’t enough context to determine it, we disregard the report. So, it’s not like we accept all reports with users using that word.


What is hoe cuz google said it is farming equipment?


I think it should be bannable, as it may be very offensive to minors.


don’t waste ur diamonds on a hoe haha eksdee get it


LOL I loved that😂


Hoes are OP in survival mode even if they do 0 damage they still unbreakable.