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Sath - Forum Moderator


In-Game Username: OfficialSath

Roles: Forum Moderator.

Favorite fruit: Apple

Additional Information: Nothing.

Greetings fellow forum users! (Feel free to point out grammar mistakes and errors)

My Name is Sath. I am currently volunteering for the Lifeboat Network as a Forum Moderator.

Favorite gamemodes : survival games, battle royale, opsg (old gamemode), capture the flag.

Experience in Lifeboat : I have been playing on Lifeboat servers ever since the 0.14.3 update got released.

Device to play Lifeboat : windows10 (hate on me).

Motivation to join the team : Help my favourite server (and definitely not to flex on other users).

Reasons why I benefitted from joining the team (and why you should too) :

  1. Improved my language.
  2. Gained knowledge about how organizations and corporations work.
  3. Idea of professionalism (is that a word? idk).

Forum stats and achievements (defined as ‘bragging’) :

  1. Second highest number of likes (received).
  2. Lengthiest public forum topic (someone please revive it)
  3. Highest number of solutions (support topics resolved).
  4. Devotee badge.

Forum friends : Nobody (except James). Don’t make friends online. Real life friends are always better. James_J (@sprinkledcheese) is the only respectable acquaintance to me.

Discord : I rarely use discord.
Twitter : No
Other social media accounts : None.

My qualities (that’s not for me to decide but whatever) :

  1. I am sarcastic
  2. I am an attention seeker
  3. I love bragging.
  4. I like keeping things precise and concise.
  5. I like pointing out other people’s errors.

Things I like :

  1. Dark humor (not encouraged in the forums, action will be taken if used)
  2. PUBG and fps shooter games in general (no fortnite).
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh. Pretty big fan of that series. I hate all other anime/manga series.

Can I play with you on Lifeboat? Yes if you can find me.

So what do you all think of me? Let me know. Also like the post so that I remain in the second position. (:

Have a great day!



And yes, hello Sath


Shame on you.


Shame on you Zrift. Lol.
You’re gonna get the “Badge of Shame” along with @xCattyy.




Do me a favour and get rid of ur profile pic. Put a maple leaf on it instead, it will look 100x better ;).


Too bad it wasn’t original :slightly_frowning_face: