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The Problem:

Rules, they are required for almost everything nowadays. But within the Lifeboat Network I have seen an increase of players wondering where to find them. And when they are linked to the terms (lbsg.net/terms-and-conditions) it can get rather confusing, especially with walls of text stating refunds, and other terms and policies.

Rather than this webpage, which although shows the rules, they are poorly displayed, and it means that players can get very confused. There is a header underneath the image of Rein Teder, although this is highly miss-able. A lot of players don’t even take the time to read the servers rules as they think they are expected to read the entire page, and not only that, but they might not even know what half of the words on the page mean.

The Solution:

I feel like players need to be able to see and find the rules more clearly. For example, a forum thread stating all the Lifeboat rules and guidelines, or a new webpage on the main website. A majority of the players within the network are rather young, or teenagers. They might not know or understand what “terms” or “policy” means. Maybe making the main word “Rules”, more visible, giving players a clear view and understanding of what they are looking at.

I might make a forum thread on this because I feel players need a clear understanding of the servers rules. In-game announcements to the rules would also help players with finding them.

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I think I remember that being suggested last year, it got rejected. Why, no idea myself



Sounds like a good idea!



Just spent an hour making a thread for it all. It is clean, understandable for young adults, teens and middle-aged children. I have made sure that it is understandable too. This should greatly help players with finding the servers rules if they don’t know them already, and I have made sure they can be clearly seen.

This is while I was still working on it. two words have been blurred until the official post has been approved by moderators. (I also noticed a grammar error at the top I was meant to say “it”, not ‘is’.)



@Penguin @Serenity



I felt like this would belong under #site-feedback



Please do not make a forum thread yourself about this. I believe it’s a good idea and will talk to the others about it, thanks.

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Was this ever added?



Yes. #community-tips

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