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Return us original


If that were true the pvp on sm would be fixed by now me and my group have been complaining about it for like a year


Sorry, for the inconvenience. But, if you feel like somethings needs to be updated or fixed, feel free to create a suggestion or tell the issue to our beta testers, they will forward you’re issue to the developers…


can always update minecraft


i keep number on every mcpe update and server and then forget


Good news, the map original will be returning to CTF in the next few days.


That’s good to hear. Thank you so much for listening to us.


Thank you, Kaleb! :slightly_smiling_face:


I am so glad! :heart:


There is a god


Nice what about new server?


What about 30v30, that still hasn’t been resolved yet.


I think ctf should stay 15vs15 because a lot of people had lag caused by the quantity of people in the same map. Welp, it’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:


30v30 is way more fun, all for the cost of like one persons ping


Oh yeah yeah


@Naomibooluv @Killian @glowire22 @catloath and whoever else it may concern…

Original was not removed, neither was 30v30.
Some new maps were added, and the order of maps were shuffled during the adding of new maps. We added the original back as the first in rotation.

Would it be more desirable to have a voting system?

CTF Original Map
Voting un ctf and more

It is a pleasure to have this feature, especially the fact that rotations can take a while.


So my hypothesis were a bit right!


we mean it went straight to the new map instead of Original. I’ve tested this myself, it went from thomas outpost to Bamboo Valley