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Return us original


Is mind blowing


Hopefully, we’ll know more about the CaptureTheFlag updates in LifeBoat stream… But, as for now I’m patient and hyped at the same time.


I’m still on to new server ideas


Learning animations? That sounds pretty cool, I tried doing so in the past but eventually gave up as I found it too difficult. I wish you luck, you’re going to need it. :smile:

Maps don’t affect me much, unless there is a building or certain block placement that is bothering me. Some maps give advantages, which can make the match unfair.


If you know anything about animations! Please, please, please! Teach me! I’m really eager to learn them. I wanna make marvel animations… I don’t really know anything about it yet, but hopefully in summer holidays, I definitely would join a course.


Ah, I’ll message you. I don’t want this to get off topic.


I’ll ask about adding it back. Seems like original is a favorite among many.


Much appreciated, thanks for informing us.


Wait, do you know the reason of its removal?


Also, could you address the issue of 30v30? It’s gone as well.




Take this word as an advice:
Make sure to do polls before making changes especially if it’s going to be a very risky one.

I think that’s what you guys are lacking and thus resulting in hates and what not. You don’t need to disclose everything (especially if the change is very confidential), just ask a question that relates with the change that you guys need to change.


ooo can you add another server like a racing server
racing cars from movies


so unelected people get to decide how to change our favorite gamemodes hmm makes sense


I don’t know what you mean by “unelected”

Developers are the one who change/bring updates to the sever…

I don’t understand, what you’re trying to say, can you be more specific?


I’m kind of saying that they make changes but we don’t even know who they are if we don’t know who they are and they don’t know who we are how would they make the best changes if they don’t even know the players?


It’s still very confusing…


what I’m saying is if I don’t know them how could they know me


hes gonna type a like 30 line thing now xD


Umm… It’s impossible for developers to know every single LifeBoat players, so it’s just not possible. However, we do mostly inform users about forthcoming updates through LifeBoat stream,discord and forums… Developers are always busy making updates for game modes,although, they do check forums to take feedback on the recent updates that they make and then updates get modified and applied on the sever depending upon the feedback of players on the their recent updates.

Just a bit of an add on: it isn’t necessary for developers to know every single LifeBoat player either, each user have different opinion.