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Return us original


I wasn’t trying to make fun of ur choice of vocabulary, stop trying to make this about that.

Please don’t put words in my mouth. My point was they gave a good reason to be upset and simply telling them to calm down and ignore the whole thing isn’t going to make them very happy or solve the issue.


Neon, please stop. You’re starting an argument which is not needed on the forums. We are volunteers, and while we have our own opinions they should be directed direct. The forums are for players to make their suggestions, and we have no need to comment on something like adding old maps back. You can always slip a DM to a lead in Slack if you feel you need to comment on this.


Hazard, can you like honestly not? I’m fed up with you volunteer always accusing me for drama, no one is raging or getting heated up, “adding old maps” that’s what users saying and I’m just agreeing with him. No one is going off topic either.


Ok, I feel like this is going to erupt into an actual argument. Let’s all just stop, other things in life are more important so let’s just let this go :grin:


Telling them to be calm, that’s what I felt like saying so I said it, although, I’m aware that it isn’t going to help in anything.


“You guys need to be tranquil and let developers do their respective job” This tells me that you think we are being disrespectful. You don’t have to say the exact words.

You have been warned before.

Once again I do not wish to provoke any drama. I just wanted to say that some things you said weren’t the smartest. I do hope you can learn from this :slight_smile:


Guys let’s just end this here. This is a good topic and I don’t want to have to close it. Please take it to a dm if you feel there is more that needs to be said. Thank you!


I agree, sorry. Back to topic, it would be nice if a developer was able to give some explanation for this via replying to this topic.


Maybe be to you, they aren’t the “smartest Things” which I don’t really care because I don’t see anything thing wrong in my perspective…

If you get confused in any of my statements feel free to ask me in Dm’s.

I’m aware and I don’t see this statement essential, you have mentioned it 2 times…


Drop it. We have already been warned to not make any further comment. Please DM me if you wish to continue this discussion. Thanks.


Neon, enough.


Yea, I got it. It’s just sometimes people make huge drama on my perspective, which you don’t understand how exasperating it really is…

closed #33

Contuined comments after a warning. I’m sorry.

opened #34

Re-opened. Refrain from going off-topic and avoid arguments. Violations to this rule will not be tolerated and the topic may be locked again.


Alright, good to see it’s open again.

But seriously neon, you make every topic into something dramatic.


Please stop with this.


He’s been spoken to, no need to continue discussing it.

Frankly I don’t know why it was removed either, but hopefully there’ll be a staff answer soon. The mods don’t know much more than you guys at this point.


I’m like the only player who don’t care what map I’m playing on at least is something to play most people can,t join lifeboat on some devices and were even lucky that lifeboat let us play on capture the flag and only lucky they did not remove the server


Me neither, I like all the CaptureTheFlag maps and the new is one is even cooler than original, that’s Just what I think… But, I still do miss Original alot, hopefully developers removed it for a good reason… I’ll be patient as I dont really get time to play nowdays, I’m focusing on learning animations, so I’m less active In-Game :sweat_smile:


Next thing they add back the old and then the players be like ho this map sucks and then they removed the old and add the n