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Return us original


Dear lifeboat,
I wanted to ask to please add again the map original to capture the flag. Please. If you need to erase a map from the game, you should have deleted Zeus Redux and not original (this is just my suggestion). Now my arguments for this proposal are that, Zeus has a lot of lag, it is extremely big and makes players feel bored. Original is an amazing map, also it is extremely fun. It is a plain map, but it lets people feel free and play more fluently. I should mention that it’s really fun to create strategies in original map. And Finally, but not less important, it is the most old map, so it holds many beutiful and exciting memories and adventures which really made people love original.
So… Please, return us original.
Thanks ^^

(Congrats on the new ctf update, I really like the new map!)


I agree!


I agree aswell.



I still enjoy the servers no matter what maps they have


Smarty why the guy so orange???


Original was one of the best maps. Please, bring back original.


Absolutely ;-;


Thanks ^^




This new map is fun, but original map was the best one.


Ive also noticed before the new ctf map starts, some players wait in the lobby for the next map. I’m assuming they don’t like the new map ;-;


As for what I believe, original was removed either because they are testing it (trying to make it better) or they are adding some new maps like the recent new CaptureTheFlag map, you guys need to be tranquil and let developers do their respective job… As in the recent stream of LifeBoat, where Cooper and David were playing block party. They informed us or give us a little update about forthcoming CaptureTheFlag updates. As from what I remember, they were mainly talking About the new and improved maps, and so I believe that soon the old maps such as “Zeus Redux, Thomas OutPost (sorry if I spelt it wrong) Davy Jones” and etc will be removed. I know, you guys will be depressed about it, but changes has to be made. And whatever Developers do, I’m sure they’ll do something amazing… I could be wrong, but that’s just my perspective on the removal of “Original” map of CaptureTheFlag…

Thank you.


@NeonVampire64 This was only a suggestion, nobody is causing any harm. We are allowing the developers to do their jobs, or at least most of us are. If we were being disrespectful everyone would be spreading hate and toxicity towards them, but nobody is doing that it seems. I do believe, as much as I appreciate your opinion, you shouldn’t be giving information that could be false as there may have been a different reason. I’m sure you’ve already been warned about that, anyways. Not trying to provoke any drama, just informing you.a

But yes, I do believe ‘orginal’ should make a return. I think it would be nice and refreshing to see some old maps back a come back, even if it is for a few days.


I never said that “stop being toxic,
disrespectful, salty, stop hating developers” or etc… If you see my statement once again…

you can clearly see that I said “It’s my perspective on the removal of the Original map” please read my comments thoroughly before informing me. It seems like you’re just pointing out my Non-Existing mistakes…

Me neither, but just next time, perhaps reading my statement thoroughly would prevent from “Missinformation”

No offence

Thank you.


They’re voicing their opinions because they don’t agree with what the developers did. Original was loved by many players, so of course an uproar should be expected.

Being “tranquil” and letting lifeboat do whatever they like might just turn ctf into something the community doesn’t want, so feedback like this should be encouraged.


Before being a volunteer on LifeBoat, I use to play a lot of CaptureTheFlag, I even use to rage when I try to make long games and someone suddenly use to end it…

What do you expect me to answer people as in my perspective? “Rage more! Spam these topics until they agree with you” No, I’m a bit sad to for its removal too, but I do believe that forthcoming maps would be amazing! As developers are actually paying attention and bringing updates to the most favourite and popular gamemode. Saying “please be tranquil” isn’t a wrong word to add in your perspective… I don’t see anything wrong in it…

I made that sentence, because a lot of people are being depressed and quitting ctf now because of the removal of the map “Original” I saw people saying In-Game chat and in discord as well being really sad and angry at same time.


I’m with you against spam and overly excessive raging but that’s not really happening right now. I feel like their being reasonable in trying to get their message and opinions across.

I didn’t say it was a wrong word, I just thought that there was no need to tell people to be tranquil when there’s a good reason for them to be upset.


I never stopped them to state their point. Just adding my perspective in this topic.

It’s still fine if I add the word “Tranquil” now please don’t comment on it :sweat_smile: it’s kinda an unnecessary for you to say “it won’t help anyone by saying that word or that won’t change anything” not being rude, just saying :sweat_smile:

I know they are upset and so am I… But we do have to wait in order for developers to bring more cool updates in the most favoured gamemode, you know :wink: