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Remove some sg servers


its hard to find a server/lobby where the game fills up and lifeboat is the 2nd most played server! removing sg lobbys/servers would also improve the server from lag by not having so many server/lobbys to run.


Good point


Would be an Idea… problem is let’s say at 1PM we have 10 SG Servers on… fills the capacity… now at 4PM we have 1000 Players on SG and only ten SG Servers. This would be mean we would have to monitor player stats the whole time so we can open more servers if required. This would just need more work. It’s a good idea though.


I think this work is necessary, less servers would help. Also, having sg on the same server as the lobby means that many players aren’t actually on the server to play sg.


Good point can you at least change the way you join a lobby. Instead of having to do /transfer (game-lobby). like if you click on the compass it shows the lobbys and the number of players in it. That would also help xbox users since they cant type fast. also its annoying have to wait like 10 seconds to switch to an other lobby, and i have good wifi and a good computer.


Consider your computer properties. Because for me, it takes <5 secs


Even 5 seconds is a really long time, compared to other servers


Compared to PC


We don’t even need to compare to PC, all the other featured servers are faster and even a non featured one like brokenlens


I don’t get annoyed a lot but when people these days complain about a 5-10 second queue that kinda annoys me just a little… good suggestion tho but yeah don’t complain about 5-10 secs of waiting


Its not that it’s a long time, it’s just that it can be better but lifeboat doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it


Lifeboat can‘t relly do anything about it. How are we supposed to fix your connection? We have servers in 3 different regions which should provide a good connection. Also, I think it‘s not that hard to wait 5-10 seconds.


Let’s see: brokenlens, inpvp, hive, they’re doing something right if the time it takes to switch between servers is less than a second


Sry a few were bad examples, the only one I know for sure about is brokenlens


After my opinion they are all quite the same. InPvP is a bit faster but that is due to them having less players, so less requests have to be processed. Hive is about the same as LB, didn‘t notice a difference. Mineplex has the longest times to change servers. Most likely because the only have US Servers. I can ask though what the root cause of the „longer“ loading times is. But I most likely think it‘s just because the amount of requests. Those couple seconds don‘t really bother me though.


Never been on brokenlens before.


Maybe it’s my location, but when I go on Mineplex and tap on any games like skywars, the loading screen literally flashes for half a second


Probably the region. It is different for everyone due to different regions. I always have a bad connection on mineplex because I am in Europe.


I see, sry for the misunderstanding


Everything is ok :slightly_smiling_face: