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Remove gapple(CTF)


I’m tired by pc groups they keep eating gapple so hard to kill them because of this gapple restore full health

Mobile player are not that hard to kill because gapple take more time to eat because touch control But pc player kinda eat in instantly
If they keep eating they are invincible unless they knock them off in void

Those kill farming player make small group and stay near at enemy spawn area keep killing it just so annoying

Remove this op broken item gapple



It’s not so much the golden apple as it’s the windows 10 controls unfortunately

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Golden apple make them more op and small group of gappler invincible and annoying



I agree on golden apples restoring full health is way too overpowered. A strategy I see people use is they’ll get all of the golden apples they need at the flag base (they spawn there), and then fight the players who are trying to defend the flag from the person. The flagged person then can just fight everyone, but once having low health they’ll go back to the flag room which makes then invulnerable to all attacks, heal up instantly using golden apples and then go out for another round. That person is basically indestructible. Can we please remove the instant healing for golden apples and to just act like normal in Vanilla Minecraft (giving two extra hearts and regeneration for a limited amount of time), and/or for them to not spawn in the flag room chests? @dishrex



Deal with it, use ur own golden apples



If golden apples were removed then it would be exceedingly hard to obtain the flag, as if there’s a lot of players in a CaptureTheFlag sever, in the given grace period they build some heavy and huge defences that can’t be passed or broken down easily, even if one enters somehow, with minimal health, they will die instantly as there will be a lot of players guarding the flag point. If a player is running fast and players are keep attacking him/her because they have the flag, they would be at very low health, gapples help them to recover their health. You really can’t fully relay on gapples to obtain the flag or to win a pvp battle with minimum health.

It’ll nearly be impractical to finish the game unless you are a pro that can do it in less time…



I’m saying for it to only spawn in your inventory, and not spawning in the flag rooms.
Most maps spawn you two golden apples, and I think that’s enough. It’s about how and when you use it. You still got other foods that can slowly regenerate you.
Also I think vanilla golden apples heals you a lot, and does it fast too.



Speed 2 would be really useful for that xd