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Remove anticheat


Install new one cause this anticheat is bad, I have very good connection but I can’t build blocks in sneak mode and why??? Anticheat kicked me due to extreme bug and second of all, I killed a diamond armor and I need it and look, I GOT KICKED BY A IDIOT anticheat. Seriously? I got kicked for sneaking on the ground? I stall a new one cause this current is pretty trash.

How am I suppose to lag back in? Items despawn in 30 seconds. I’m ganna quit lifeboat if u don’t fix it, this bug had been on for several years now and no one reported it


The anti-cheat isn’t perfect as we have said several times. Do you still use a third party app to play Minecraft? If so, that might be the main source of your problems.


no, It RANDOMLY KICKED Me @Serenity


Refer to this.