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Ranking removed from player kills in lbc


Bring the swords back to the city. Hear me out; in my opinion, I think that the censorship that happened with the swords made the game a lot less fun for a lot of players, hence why there aren’t as many as before. I think that if you could figure out a way to implement the swords back in, but remove the ranking points you receive, at least in the city if that was the main reason they were removed, In my opinion it would make the game mode a lot more fun again.


There’s a reason as to why they removed swords, mainly to curb those “kill X” role play a bit. And consider that LBC is not at a medieval time where you can carry your sword like it’s your accessory, rather be in the present


ok so why isn’t everyone carrying a gun then?


It’s illegal to carry a weapon in public, even with a license internationally


In the USA it is legal to carry a gun openly in 44 states without a permit




Yea but isn’t lifeboat city in the USA?


The company, yes. But the city could be anywhere


Cmon the names of the citizens are Doug Nancy Jim Luise Stacy joe can u get any more generic American names?


The point is, in some countries, it’s illegal to carry a weapon at any circumstances and no reason whatsoever, even in some states of the US. You need to have an open scope of what is allowed and what is not in some countries for fairness


All these new safety precautions LB are taking like removing custom texture packs and swords are dumb tbh



Why are real life laws relevant at all to a videgame?


that good


Because since he/she said having swords doesn’t make sense in a modern city I asked why they didn’t have guns and down the spiral we go


Mulala, also can you please enlighten me on a list of states that allow you to openly carry a firearm without a CCP?? I DO know for a fact that yes, some states only require registration of a firearm to have on one’s property. And even when it comes down to a CCP, only certain firearms are even allowed. i.e. small handguns. IF you have a Hunter’s License, you still need to register a CCP for when traveling from your residence to any hunting spot which is the only exception to the small handgun limitation. I’m currently taking Government Classes as a Senior in High School and we recently have been discussing the topic of Amendments and more specifically Gun Laws and all the post 2017 School Shootings.


When it comes down to it, the Amendments are above all Federal, State and Local Government Laws.


My number is a little off it includes the local restrictions and license but in this situation and what my point is it still is a good number


Yes that’s why the second Amendment Is a thing


Once again, like I had stated the Amendments overrule all local laws, so this MAY BE true, but by Federal Law/The Judicial System and those who enforce those amendments are federal examples being Police, Sheriff and Coast Guard will enforce the Federal Law over the Local Law which if you are stopped by an Officer you will be detained if you do not have a CCP.


I’m a citizen of Nebraska, which as this chart states, Our citizens don’t need a CCP to carry a firearm but from personal experience, I can telling you that your chart here is factually incorrect. If you are going to attempt to provide facts to back-up your side, try not to use Wilkipedia, and if it involves law? Try to stay on sites that end in .gov which are official Government websites.