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Racing server be nice on this topic


PC and android can work too on this server
This server will have cars racing cars like the mach 5 and need for speed and other cars that are for racing the rules buy you’re own or build you’re own now all you have to do is win is simple not hard
Now hears something’s you might run into bumps on the
Track like tnt if run over it blows up and you die and respawn and wait until the race is over


The part is a wheel and the body and metal and shapes and glass and rubber tires chain and color die red and white this must be all right or else it won’t work now the auto place is near the track


Or if you want to add this as a update in lifeboat city you can


I think I am almost certain what gamemode you are talking about and where you got it from. It isn’t original.


Survival and I made it up since I can,t copy other ideas of servers


The map how ever I can build a map in my world and send it for you guys if you want me to do that or make server it will take a month or year


Cool idea!


Thanks and yes there will be lagging since no one controls the WiFi connection


This sounds interesting. But with all the features this gamemode would have, it would probably lag if you have a poor connection or device. It would also probably use a lot of server resources.


TurboKartRacers on Hypixel, and NetherGames.

But still, it could be redesigned to add some rather cool Lifeboat changes to it.


That true but can,t control the lag if it happens everyone else even my WiFi sometimes mess up because of the weather is snows in Boston


This is not kart tho is speed racer and need for speed car update
No special effect included


Wait unless potions effect is added


Okay idea, also here is my plan, maybe it could be cool but will cause lag :frowning: I think lbsg should like make cars far away so it won’t cause lag and race, also the cars would be buggy since they stop at walls.


OK then that could be added


Well I think minecart should be, cuz cars will be buggy and very hard to make is clean drive.


Hmmm I don’t know how or what life boat was made by but I think lifeboat might have been made from scratch


Well how about this less go easy on the details of the cars but at least make the mach 5 from speed racer we be the first server to ever make a car from a movie that will make a lot players play on the server more knowing there is more fun but the lagging how ever can be fix by a coder or a someone who knows a lot about server connection


And maybe it can be broadcast too everyone who has a permission to become a staff can check out the broadcasting to tell when the race will begin and a beta to find bugs or glitches


And moderators to look for cheaters
And to make sure everyone following the rules and not harassing or bragging about how many points they have and how many wins they have got because that can make someone think about hacking and is very important that everyone is respecting one another so no one is committed to hacking and to be very fair and to not side comment about the player who made a mistake at least side comment in a nice way and a hopeful way saying what they could of done instead of saying what they done was stupid and that they would never be trusted rules matter you know and very much is what will change this server and make it special then other servers and family can be invited to come play on this server no money allowed unless the administration wants that but is just a game so no money and anyone can play on this server so the WiFi connection should be fix during the update I will leave that to the beta testers and ho and Kim about their personality give Kim some names of the administration and a question more question and data about the game and easter egg like come on lifeboat you have Kim talking about plots when they were token off the update on survival mode on other server but have Kim give ideas on how to win the race and tricks to the player so they know and very very knowledge about how and what to do when their is problems
Just for the user to say ho Kim gave me ideas on how to control the car and to avoid crashing into the wall and to not press the pause botton and how to move the mouse forward like give Kim information something that the creator or the user who had the idea all the know about and hints to Kim so she can give half to the player who needs it who having a hard time
Now back to the lag I suggest keeping the WiFi closer to anything that is black and has a blinking light just to keep your self together until the beta tester finds a way to fix the lag because I have no knowledge on how to make server without lag and I guest that why I can,t be a beta tester so leave that to the professionals but I do know a lot about building and ideas here and this will help lifeboat
Not become a copying server because these will be vehicles not go karts and is gonna be all movies that is involving racing fast and ferrous and need for speed death race speed racer hot wheels all movies combine I would give a video about Expose Hypixel because someone found out they were copying a lot of video games and some Xbox games and so they had Mario kart in one of them and hypixel name was copy from mineplex so yeah
I mean I know lifeboat is strict with rules and has locked me out for breaking them and now I know not to ever break them if I want to waste another Microsoft account Xbox live just to know them and so that why I bought a keyboard and mouse which did not change anything but the giving stuff and jumping and moving and so on but looking left right up down and mouse going everywhere I will just stick to my fingers how ever I think playing on lifeboat is cool the fact they surprise everyone with the cars update and the airplane update which gave me a great idea after I saw speed racer movie and seen and play on roblox server which had a track and cars and everything I though if lifeboat made this how many players and people would want to play on this server and so I decided to not hide this idea like I did to others and to share it just so lifeboat can try them out and so I type all this instruction and information about what lifeboat is when it comes to rules and ideas on how to make this server fair for everyone no excuse about it and so to watch out for anyone who thinks I will break the rules when I have been punished many times and had seek and borrow accounts when I rain out and so had access to many apps account that were not min’s and had use them even money and so I prove not to be trusted but building ideas is what I have to be trusted for and so this server idea hopefully will bring questions to be answers and that the only thing I can do is answer questions but even players who had broken the rules can be giving a chance to test this server out only one so please respect this idea because building and racing cars is the best idea I have only came up with and hoping it will be put to use if I just been giving the word and even my school will become annoying after while after teachers ask me not to go on chrome book so I miss a lot message and come online late and so they would not let me on the chrome book until whole day over and one of the teachers or students just will ask questions and will become nosey on what I’m doing so I will do this when I get home so I have more time to build the track and I have to get ideas on how the track gonna look now I don’t need a blue print which I don’t use when building I just use my Brain unlike must people who can,t use their brain as a blue print they just draw it out but I am good when it comes to using my mind for building and so I will come up with a plan so yes no questions will be ask in a rude or a sneaky way about what I said about my self and how I’m gonna get this done. Just what you would like to add