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R.i.p mittu47 :( long lived 2018 September to December 31. (Memorial)


But I mcpe is really bad and has features that don’t exist on it.

It’s really laggy.


My app is sometime crashing and working a bit. I believe I got message saying 1.8.0 update for some reason and it was real thst those update came even if I didn’t have mcpe so this means my version for my no version app would be 1.8.0 it makes sence I google it and it was true!


I am cross playing a mcpe servers and don’t be mad, I at least get some rule breaks banned.


I could show you Clip of my app that also has aquatic update somehow!

If mods ban me so will my forum account
If this is alive then I would be idk… I was ganna say report rule breakers but idk???


Instead or R.I.P Mittu47 it may still be working.


RIP Mittu.


That’s not true. Lol.


No, it costs money.


Bedrock is fun but mojang forums do not have mobile ones so… minecraft bedrock is dieing.


They can’t add shields in mcpe and like why don’t they add a new button called off hand instead of not adding forums


This is why I hate mojang.


Why the heck is console so expensive and plus it has trash updates.


I know, I slipped my tongue, I meant to say it wasn’t a free game, so it won’t get ads. I do know that only free games get the most ads, and considering Minecraft isn’t free, it doesn’t get ads.


Correct. MC has no adds and will never have adds.


Console Editions aren’t Updated anymore.


Shields were part of PC 1.9, and they haven’t added any part of PC 1.9 PvP (thank goodness) and that was pretty controversial in the PC PvP community to begin with. We do have the off hand slot though, it can hold rockets, totems, maps, and probably some other stuff. I don’t know what you mean by forums.


Lol, are you kidding?

First off, bedrock edition, in snow biomes, has much more decorative trees, the leaves are all white, whereas java, it only has snow carpets on top of them.

Subsequently, enchantment tables give off a light, which, if you are doing at night, it helps keep the mobs off your back. In java, you need to place light on four sides.

Armor stands. They can hold items and pose in bedrock. In java, you need to do commands for this, which seems more complex that it has to be.

Drowned actually have a swimming animation, unlike java, where java has drowned swimming normally.

A little feature, not much, but bedrock has fallen trees.

You can place potions in cauldrons in bedrock.

I could go on forever.


I could just get one of those fancy shaders in Java edition and your arguement would be thrashed.

A person who has played Minecraft for some time would have a little bit of common sense and wouldn’t rely on the glow of enchantment tables to keep mobs away. I would rather have like 7-8 torches around it instead of ‘this useless feature’.

Is this one of those dress up games where you care about posing? Like seriously, this was hilarious.

If you are talking about getting killed by drowning, then it’s highly irrelevant that one would prefer the bedrock edition over Java just to see the animation.

Sorry, but Java editon has this too.


Let me tell you the ‘valid’ arguments as to why Bedrock is better than Java editon.

  1. Bedrock editon runs better than the Java editon and doesn’t lag or crash that often.

  2. It has in game instructions for new players.

  3. It has official servers which don’t steal your information and which aren’t pay to win.

  4. Frequent patches to bugs and more updates.

  5. There’s no hassles to accounts as in java editon. You only need an Xbox account to play online.


Again, referring back to my other argument, it doesn’t have to be more complex. The snowy trees are good for decoration, and good for servers, for which not everyone is using a shader.

I think you misunderstood, I am not relying on enchantment tables to keep mobs away, I am just saying it has a glow on bedrock, and when using it outside, it does help keep mobs away, you know, to help cease disturbance when enchanting. Of course it isn’t a reliable, a small, yet cool decoration.

Again, just one of those features that are good for lying on the exterior.

Not drowning, I am talking about drowned. The mob. You know that mob that holds a trident? This guy.

Nope, I searched from oak trees to birch forests and haven’t found any fallen trees on java. Find me one.

Bedrock and Java, the differences?