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R.i.p mittu47 :( long lived 2018 September to December 31. (Memorial)


R.i.p mittu47, the creeper who died :frowning: his game account can no longer play lifeboat and report hackers or spammers. R.i.p averageryhme2 for loneley friend. My app has ads containing disturbing my game and app crashes. Those dumb ads are disturbing me. Let’s make memorial for mittu the working account. Maybe he will come back. Right now he is using a old app to cross play minecraft but has no aquatic but app crashes most times :frowning:


Reset your device.


Sorry I can’t my game sometimes gets ads but does not crash but idk why it’s crashing often.


Minecraft gets ads? How? It is a free game if I am not mistaken.


I don’t have minecraft
I use to have ads but they got removed and now they are invading my game.


I somehow am cross playing mcpe server @Killian

I hate mcpe like it’s too laggy and hard to control at pvp lol.


Lol, I feel you, especially when your POV goes down when tapping so fast on the screen. Talk about disadvantageous.


How to pvp.

Just tap a person.



Poor mittu47, couldn’t make it until 2019. xP


Plus mcpe does not even has user cam where you set to 1st 2nd or 3rd person but you can with pc or console like what the fish?


These apps I use to use


The blue box is my favorite until ads are making it crash.

The green has reduced lag and plus it crashes somtimes. No aquatic updatehere


Actually, you can.

Just me and my little squid friend.


See, that’s the thing. You’re using third-party unofficial versions of Minecraft. They’re liable to break or cease working as advertised, and you can’t really get much support.

If this matters enough to you that you’re making a post about it here, I highly recommend just going out and buying the proper version of MCPE. It’s not that expensive, and you won’t have any ads and likely better support if something goes awry.


Mcpe will be getting expensive in the near future, so best to buy it now at $6.99.


It’s $6.99


I believe so, I can double check.


Yep, still $6.99.


You’re probably right, if I remember right it’s about $9.99 CAD and the exchange is like 0.75 against USD. At any rate it isn’t a big bother to purchase, especially compared to being unable to play and being bombarded by ads.


Very likely that price will jump, as bedrock edition is catching up with java, bedrock even has better things than java at this point. OP Pistons, cool environment textures, stuff like that. Not to mention, bedrock edition will be involved in a big update in 2019 (ten minutes from now, lol), known as village and pillage.