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Quick Tips for making suggestions


Why hello there, there are some quick tips for making suggestions.

Make it clear what you’re suggesting - Somewhere in the beginning of your topic, put it in a clear sentence what you’re suggesting
Explain why you want it added - Explain why this game or feature would be helpful or fun for players. Don’t just go “hi you should add gauntlets to za” or “hi you should add gauntlets to make it more fun” you have to actually explain why it would be fun.
Make it actually readable - If a suggestion isn’t readable, the developers are just gonna skip over it. Have clear grammar and spelling. Don’t put it in all caps.
Finally, make sure your suggestion can actually be done - If it takes a little bit more than what resources the devs have, its fine because they can push a little. But don’t suggestion something like, “ADD 100 BLOCK TALL KILLER ROBOTS TO SM TO MAKE IT MORE CHALLENGING” I have actually seen suggestions close to that - don’t do it.