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Hey guys! My name is Abdul, but you can call me pyth.
I used to be a volunteer artist for the Lifeboat Network but left due to my lack of interest in designing.

I now focus on Computer Science & engineering! I currently know the programming languages Java, Python, JavaScript & PHP. I hope to learn more in the future and become an advanced programmer like my inspiration Tim Berners Lee, the man who invented the world-wide web.

Though I do play Minecraft a bit less then I used to previously, I still love Lifeboat in every aspect! I also still know how to graphic design and the skills I have learnt from graphic designing will probably benefit me with my programming course(s). Who knows?

Also to design, I use many programs like Cinema 4D, Maya and Photoshop CS6. I also am a Motion Designer, so I know how to make animations and edit videos. I learnt all of this through two things - the Internet & Discipline - if you work hard enough and empower through your mistakes you can make it!

I just wanted to introduce myself. Happy Lifeboating! :sailboat:


Hi Scrubby.




I’m a useless potato but hi.


hey there!




Do you eat pork?
I’m free bacon



also, do u have any tips. I’m trying to learn java


How dare you ask him and not me!
I’m doing Java for robotics class. Lol.


Hi there!



Me as well, mate! I used to create 3D Animations on Autodesk Maya almost every week. Then again, it was required since it was a class. Reckon I might’ve forgot about the basics of it.


You still around :+1:t2:


I recommend using Codecademy, a website. It’s great for learning code!


sry dad


I’ve used the website for a few months, but I didnt learn anything. I’ll give it another go -.-


It’s ok geriatric son. :joy:


Nubes !! Get back on topic


Hi Pyth! Nice to see you again!


Yo pyth, great to see you again


Hi Irish!