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Puma’s brief intro


Well, weirdly this is my third introduction despite never getting banned here. Deleted my first account a while back and my second (this one) went afk after I stopped playing PE for the longest time. Now im a old man™ and have a few complaints about the server. Then again that may just be the nolstalgia glow because these guys pulled off an infinite world in pre 0.9.0 which if an achievement worth of recognization in its own right.

Lets just say I was here where there were three servers, Infinity, CTF, and SG.

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I remember watching a rageelixir video about it and was pretty impressed



No one is going to welcome this poor dude? Ok…

Well, welcome/welcome back lol

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Heh, guess no one saw it. Welcome!



Welcome? Please click or tap here cause why not?

Anyways enjoy ur stay, I’m ur creeper mob, try not to ignite me



Those days when he wasn’t a clickbaiter.

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